Podcast Reviews

29 September 2006

The podcast medium is rapidly growing. There are now a great variety of podcasts, covering every topic from home cooking to tech news. There are also a good deal of religion-based podcasts, some of which are focused on apologetics.

I have subscribed to several of these podcasts, and in this mini-series, I will offer some brief reviews. It is impossible to listen to and watch all of the content that is available, but I will do my best to familiarize myself with some of the better podcasts.

Christian Apologetics Podcasts

Reasons to Believe
Stand to Reason

Atheist Podcasts

The Infidel Guy
Point of Inquiry


  1. Hello! Thought I’d ask you to review our podcast. So that’s what I’m doing. It’s called Beer Christianity. That is all and have a nice day!

    Jonty    Apr 3, 12:21 PM    #
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