Stand to Reason Podcast

29 September 2006

Greg Koukl, who is the president and founder of the Stand to Reason ministry, has begun releasing his weekly radio show in a podcast. The show usually lasts two hours, broken up into two different segments. For one segment, Koukl usually speaks on a few relevant issues dealing with Christianity, atheism, politics, or ethics, and during the other segment he usually interviews a theologian, philosopher, or author. The show usually allows callers to ask questions or debate.

Koukl is a very good radio host. He speaks clearly, asks good questions, and raises good points. He is a very clear thinker, and is quite good at engaging those who disagree with him. Although the show is usually about the truth of Christianity, it also frequently deals with ethical issues like abortion and stem cell research. One of Koukl’s main goals is to train Christians to be “winsome ambassadors.’ He points out that the way a christian presents an argument is just as important as the content of that argument.

The main downfall of the show is that it is flooded with commercials. These get really annoying after a while, especially since they are the same 7 or 8 commercials that are rotated every time.

As far as Christian apologetics podcasts go, however, this may be the best one available. Since there is only one host, there is no problem with frequent interruptions or off-topic ramblings. His interviews are usually pretty good, and his answers to caller questions are quite useful. If you are interested in a Christian apologetics podcast, this might be the one to go with.


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