Apologetics.com Podcast

31 October 2006

The website Apologetics.com, which has a long-running radio show, is now releasing that show in a podcast. Hosted by John Snyder, these shows cover a relatively broad range of topics, including comparative religion, historical issues, ethics, and even politics. There is usually a panel of 2 or 3 other people, and the show often takes guest calls.

The Apologetics.com podcast suffers from two problems. First, there are often too many people on the show, and at times they do not have the best chemistry. This leads to interruptions and awkward pauses. Secondly, they have a tendency to get off topic and seem to have difficulty focusing on one issue.

Additionally, since it is a radio show, the Apologetics.com podcast has frequent commercial interruptions. This is incredibly annoying, especially since it is the same commercials over and over again. I usually try to fast forward through them, but they are still quite frustrating.

The Apologetics.com podcast does cover some good issues and is quite often enjoyable to listen to. However, it does suffer from several flaws and so is not the most highly recommended podcast for Christian apologetics.


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