Reasons to Believe Podcast

30 September 2006

Reasons to Believe, founded by astronomer and pastor Hugh Ross, now offers a weekly “Creation Update” podcast. This two hour show usually involves a panel of 4 or so people, generally including Ross. They discuss scientific discoveries and their relation to Christianity, particularly from an old-earth creation model. Their main focus is on cosmology, evolution, and critique of the young-earth creation model.

Despite a number of members, there is very rarely a problem with interruption or lack of focus on a topic. Usually, two or three new scientific discoveries, often obtained from a new scientific paper or book, are discussed. Additionally, the panel features Kenneth Samples, who discusses theological issues and culture. Most shows also feature callers who ask questions or debate the panel members.

The main downfall of the podcast is the constant bombardment of commercials. Just like the Stand to Reason and podcasts, repetitive commercials interrupt the dialogue quite frequently. However, the discussion of recent scientific discoveries is useful and interesting, even if one does not embrace their particular creation model.


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