Full Critique of Smith's "Atheism: The Case against God"

15 March 2006

As can be seen in my review of Smith’s book, I feel that Atheism: The Case against God is a good introduction to atheism. He argues quite strongly for an atheistic position. However, the reason I feel Smith’s book is a good intro is not because the arguments are solid. On the contrary, almost all of the arguments are entirely faulty. However, I have found it quite difficult to find very much good atheistic literature. If I recommend Smith, it is only because there is not much better to offer. In other words, Smith is the best of a bad thing, a speck of light in a long, dark tunnel.

Smith’s book is extremely popular. Quite a bit of feedback I receive mentions The Case against God. I think it is very unfortunate that some individuals have had their faith shook, bothered, or ruined as a result of this book. Full-scale critiques of this work are also hard to come by. For these reasons, I think a chapter-by-chapter analysis of Smith’s flaws and fallacies are in order.

There are four main sections dividing this book. In addition, the sections are all divided into a few chapters. Follow the following links for critiques of each individual section. Almost all the chapters warrant quite a bit of discussion, although some will receive much more than others. The last link is to a conclusion of my critique as well as a short list of recommended further reading.

SECTION 1: The Scope of Atheism

SECTION 2: Reason, Faith, and Revelation

SECTION 3: The Arguments for God

SECTION 4: God, The Practical Consequences



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