Conclusion: Atheism- Case against God

3 April 2006

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Although Smith’s book is entitled “A Case against God,” I think it will be clear throughout the book that Smith is really just trying to disprove Christianity and the God of Christian theism. Only one of the chapters (which happens to be the shortest) deals with the arguments for the existence of a god.

Since issues such as Biblical revelation, morality, and the definition of atheism don’t directly deal with whether or not God exists, I have to conclude that Smith fails to provide a convincing case. The majority of his book simply does not deal with the existence of God. Moreover, he bases most of his case on the supposed unintelligibility or incomprehensibility of God; once these points are refuted, the case against Christian theism comes crashing down.

Recommended Further Reading

Chapter 1: The Scope of Atheism

1. Swinburne, Richard. “The Coherence of Theism” (Oxford Press: 1993)

2. My Essay on defining God

Chapter 2: Reason, Faith, and Revelation

1. J.P. Holding, “Fallacious Faith” available at

2. For detailed responses to almost all of his objections, including those about biblical prophecy, see and

Chapter 3: The Arguments for God

1. My Article on the Cosmological Argument

2. Moreland, “Scaling the Secular City” (Baker Books, 1987) (See my Review)

3. Craig, “Reasonable Faith” (Moody Press, 1994) (See my Review)

4. See William Lane Craig’s website HERE for many articles and debates that discuss the philosophical evidences for God’s existence.

Chapter 4: God- The Practical Consequences

1. My Article on Evil Christianity.

2. Craig, “The Indispensability of Theological Meta-Ethical Foundations for Morality”, found at

3. For responses to Smith’s allegations about Christ’s views of ethics, see Holding’s article HERE.

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