The Skeptical Christian Podcast

6 March 2007

I haven’t really advertised it much yet, but I have started a podcast associated with this site. There are currently two episodes; the first covers the importance of apologetics and the meaning of faith, and the second covers the cosmological argument. Click the podcast page in the main navigation to see a list of the episodes. If you have questions that you would like to have addressed in the podcast, please email them to me or post a comment on the podcast page. I would also be grateful for any feedback you have on the show. Thanks!

  1. fantgastic site…i think!?!?

    paul    Mar 10, 02:16 AM    #
  2. I think your podcast is great stuff and have gleaned a lot of insight from it. It has definitely strengthened my faith in God and Christianity. Thanks very much.

    Brandon Corfman    Apr 10, 07:31 AM    #
  3. I just wanted to let you know that I think this podcast is great! You do a great job with it and it is very infomative. I also really enjoy your book reviews. God bless!

    Miguel    Jul 1, 02:39 PM    #
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