The Nature of Free Will

28 August 2008

Be sure to check out the recent apologia blog for a discussion on the nature of free will. It’s an issue that I’ve been studying quite a bit as of late and I hope to write more on the topic in the near future.

Also have a new book review posted- Fabricating Jesus by Craig Evans. And for those who missed it, I’ve posted episode 17 of the podcast.

  1. I am a genuine skeptical Christian myself. I don’t question the fundamentals of our faith, but I do struggle with the easy, pat answers I’ve outgrown. I need to read more of your articles and formulate my questions.

    Ella Morris    Jun 21, 01:24 PM    #
  2. i’ve always wondered why god put us to a test he knew we were going to fail. seems pretty cruel to me

    karen    Jan 22, 02:04 PM    #
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