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20 March 2006

I am now starting a series that defends the Cosmological Argument. (See Here) It gathers together some of my material in response to particular writings as well as some forum discussion, but I also have two new critiques available as of yet; one on Dan Barker and one on Michael Martin.

I hope to start some similar series on some other issues, including the Problem of Evil, Argument from Nonbelief, and eventually the Teleological Argument. If you have a suggestion for a series, feel free to comment.

I am currently working on a comprehensive defense of the Teleological Argument. Due to school, however, this will probably not be completed for at least a couple of weeks.

We are also working on some site improvements. Recent articles are now automatically posted on the right column. We made some slight changes to the homepage. Also upcoming is a media section with some videos and audio files. More on that later.

  1. I would appreciate your (or anyone’s) thoughts regarding the following:

    Kalman Cosmological Arguement, loosely

    1.) Everything which begins to exist requires a cause.

    2.) The universe began to exist.

    3.) Therefore, the universe requires a cause.

    A. “conservation of energy” – (again, loosely) Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

    A.1. Matter can be created from Energy (Stanford Linear Accelerator on a small scale).

    “1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause of its existence.”


    “2. The universe began to exist.”


    a) The universe is made of Energy & Matter; Mass of Matter = Energy/speed-of-light(squared), i.e. Energy.

    b) Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

    Therefore the universe was never created (though it has changed form) and has no beginning.

    I really appreciate your efforts on this website and many Thanks in Advance,

    David Fabrycky    Apr 11, 10:51 AM    #
  2. David,

    I commented on your objection in Kyle’s Cosmological Argument article, but I also have an additional comment: If the universe began to exist, then it is not the case that there was a time at which the first law of thermodnamics did not apply. After all, it was not the case that anything physically existed prior to the universe’s beginning—not even time. So there was no time at which the first law was ever “violated.” Indeed, there were no physical laws to be violated, since physical reality didn’t even exist until the universe began. The first law came into being concomitantly with the universe, when matter and energy originated. Thus, there was no time at which the law did not apply and it has applied at every time the universe has existed.

    — SMG    Jul 21, 09:46 AM    #
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