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29 April 2010

Wow, it’s been over a year since I posted on the main blog here, so I wanted to give everyone an update of what’s been happening here at the Skeptical Christian and what the plans are for the future.

New Content

There are a few content pieces I added long ago but never updated here. They include;

Other Projects

I’ve been doing a number of other projects for my Church and other ventures recently. I co-taught a class on the Creation vs. Evolution debate. You can check out a quick website and podcast I threw together for the project at

And I am currently co-teaching a youth group study on apologetics, with a website and podcast at

Finally, I was invited to participate in the apologetics essay series by Brian Auten over at Apologetics 315. My Essay just got published there. Thanks Brian!

Future Plans

I am trying to update the website, I would like to switch over to a Wordpress blog and want to implement some design changes and content updates. This is taking longer than anticipated and it’s the main reason I haven’t been keeping you updated here. I plan to soon get the update launched and get back on the podcasting circuit. Thanks everyone for your support, it’s much appreciated.

In Christ,


  1. Hi Kyle!
    I’ve just finished to read your essay and found it great!
    Thinking about translate and blog it into portuguese. May I?
    In Christ,
    God bless!

    Darcy    Apr 29, 11:08 AM    #
  2. Hello Darcy,

    Thanks so much! I think it would be great for you to translate the essay, please feel free.

    In Christ,


    Kyle Deming    Apr 29, 12:25 PM    #
  3. Kyle,

    Dude, it’s good to see you back here. Your articles have been immensely helpful resources for my non-Christian friends who are interested in learning more about Christian theism. Keep up the great work!

    Stallion    Apr 30, 04:44 PM    #
  4. Keep up the great work! You are a great resource for unbelievers like me. Definitly switch to Wordpress. It’s great.

    Mark    May 5, 07:45 AM    #
  5. Please put Skeptical Christian on Facebook. My Christian group from school loves you. Your podcasts and essays are timely and very substantive. I am having a debate on my wall on facebook right now with a very smart athiest and I would not be equipped to do that had I not read and listened to you; our excahnges are like mini essays, it is intense man, the guy is smart. In any event, I have built on what I have learned from you over the last few years and I am in a phenomenal place spiritually now. Thanks man and remember get on Facebook we want more people to know about you.

    Lionel    May 20, 07:51 PM    #
  6. hello good sir, glad to see you are back around, cant wait for some new podcasts!

    Allan    Jun 17, 02:31 PM    #
  7. I haven’t read anything yet, and already I know I’m in for a ride. My faith has been shaken recently by some silly people—not the least of which this site: —and hopefully this can help me believe again. I really, really need it, because I just can’t pray with doubt in mind.

    Here’s hoping.

    Andrew    Jul 5, 11:23 PM    #
  8. Just stumbled across your podcasts on itunes last night – excellent work! I would love to hear more from you; I downloaded all the ones available. Thanks for your efforts!

    Eric    Feb 17, 08:44 AM    #
  9. Hey Kyle, so far I like what I see here. I have one suggestion, though. I would like to see discussions regarding the scientific validity and textual reliability of the Bible. Conversely there could be scientific arguments against a Creator. Perhaps there is an article covering this, but I have yet to find it. Thanks for all you’re doing!

    Brandon N    Sep 10, 05:53 PM    #
  10. Hey there,
    This blog really fascinates me and I was wondering if I could ask you a couple of questions if you have the time.



    Jim Taddeo    Jan 14, 03:27 AM    #

    The thought process of some Christians is puzzling to say the least. Why do some believers in Christ question that God has the power to guide men to translate Bibles that are inerrant, trustworthy, accurate, faultless, reliable, infallible.

    Some of the same Christians who believe the following miracles of the Bible, doubt that God can produce an inerrant translation of the Bible.

    They believe that Aaron’s staff became a serpent. (Exodus 7:10-12) However they do not believe that translations of the Bible are trustworthy.

    They believe Jesus was resurrected from the dead. (John 21:14) However they do not agree that Bible translations are inerrant.

    They believe that the dead man Elisha stood up on his feet. (2 Kings 13:20-21) However they doubt that Bible translations are infallible.

    They believe Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead. (John 11:37-44) However they do not affirm that Bible translations are reliable.

    They believe that God turned Lots wife into a pillar of salt. (Genesis 19:26) However they are not convince that God has given us a translation of the Bible that is accurate.

    Even those who state that the King James translation is the only accurate translation, believe that Mark 16:16 does mean what is says: They say “Has been baptized shall be saved” actually means, “Has already been saved before they were baptized.” The assert that Acts 2:38 actually means “Be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ because your sins have already been forgiven.” They really do not trust the KJV either.

    Ninety-nine percent of the Bible translations are accurate, trustworthy, inerrant translations of God’s word.

    A few of my favorites are New American Standard Bible, King James Version, New King James Version, English Standard Version, and New International Version. There are also many other reliable translations.


    steve finnell    May 1, 03:25 PM    #
  12. Miss these podcasts. Last post seems to be 4 years ago.

    Steve    Dec 8, 07:50 PM    #
  13. Hello Steve, you’re right that it’s been a long time! Believe it or not, I have big plans to revitalize this site and the podcast. Stay tuned there will be more coming!

    Kyle Deming    Mar 20, 05:04 AM    #
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