Series: The Problem of Evil

20 March 2006

In my article on the Problem of Evil, I have developed a theodicy which involves numerous reasons for the permittance of evil in the world. However, many skeptics have objected to these and other reasons in their works. This series will consist of a response to those who have objected to the reasons I gave for God to permit evil.

1. Michael Martin Here. This is a response to his article “Human Suffering and the Acceptance of God,” which is available on the Secular Web.

2. John L. Mackie in The Miracle of Theism Here.

3. Micheal Martin in Atheism: A Philosophical Justification Here.

4. Robin Poidevin in Arguing for Atheism Here.

5. George H. Smith in Atheism: The Case against God Here.

6. Douglas Krueger in What is Atheism? Here (This article also contains rebuttals of the Incoherency Argument and the Argument from Nonbelief.)


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