Richard Dawkins Parody

15 July 2007

I came across a hilarious parody of Richard Dawkins. Very funny, especially if you are familiar with Dawkins and his usual arguments.

  1. Wow. They totally made Dawkins’ argument look very silly.

    — Parvinder    Jul 15, 06:39 AM    #
  2. There are simple tests to determine if there is a Dawkins. You can call Dawkins, go see Dawkins at a lecture or myriad other ways of determining his existence. There is no such experiment to determine the existence of a divine being. The parody is still funny in my opinion but in no way undermines Dawkins arguments. However, I do not believe that is something a parody can or is meant to do. It takes rational thought to construct or destruct an argument.

    Steve    Aug 17, 07:13 AM    #
  3. I would be embarrassed if my name were on that video.

    — MDH    Sep 14, 07:31 AM    #
  4. As parody – it’s very good. The Dawkins impression is fantastic! Is the interviewer supposed to sound like William Hague? If so bravo! I think it goes some way to my major criticism of The God Delusion – that the humor sometimes alienates the reader (although the book might be a bit boring if it didn’t have it in). I think Richard Dawkins would laugh himself at his portrayal – however – I don’t think it’s got any validity as a refutation of his book.

    What strikes me as most interesting is the “offence” that some religious believers would take to such parody of their own religion – but as we’re bashing an atheist this is ok? I’m a big lover of “Jerry Springer the Opera” – so I’m glad there are free speech protections on both sides of the fence – for religious and atheist parody.

    Andrew    Oct 9, 06:59 AM    #
  5. It is amazing how upset followers of dawkins get when they watch this video. Its sooo funny

    Stratocaster    Oct 23, 02:11 AM    #
  6. Yup. Very funny, and a pretty accurate imitation of his style.

    But I would hope that the humour does not hide the textbook fallacies made here in refuting Dawkin’s usual arguments.

    — Simon    Dec 21, 06:03 AM    #
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