Podcasting Issue Resolved

1 January 2009

Whew, that was a nightmare! After a day of hacking and tinkering with my feed, I believe I’ve managed to get the podcast up and running once again. I hope I did not lose any subscribers in the process. If you have been lost, please resubscribe (you can use the link in the right column to subscribe via iTunes.) I believe the RSS feed for the podcast is also working, but I’m not entirely sure if everything is shipshape. Please let me know if there are any problems or difficulties.

On a brighter note, I took the chance to make some big improvements to the podcast. Previously, I was restricted by a number of limitations when it came to editing my feed, but now I have complete control. As a result, everything should be named, formatted, and tagged correctly. The feed is looking a lot better in iTunes already.

I also reduced the file sizes for the podcast substantially. They should download much quicker now and shouldn’t take up nearly as much space.

Finally, I have turned The Skeptical Christian Podcast into an enhanced show! Enhanced podcasts offer a number of features, but the primary advantage is that they allow the addition of chapters. I have put chapter markers on all the shows now (NOTE: I think that these are only viewable in iTunes, iPods, and Quicktime. However, if the chapters aren’t viewable it’s not really a big deal- you can still listen to the episode the normal way.) In the most recent show (episode 18), I added even further improvements, providing links to the news stories and book reviews. Let me know if you like these additions.

If you like to hold on to all the episodes of the show and you are a current subscriber, you may just want to delete your subscription and then resubscribe. Everything is a lot cleaner now, plus the file sizes are more manageable.

Thanks for your patience and your support, and let me know if there is anything I can do to make the Skeptical Christian website and podcast a better resource for you. Happy New Years!

  1. Good to hear it. Things seem to be resolved in the feed. Keep up the good work.

    Brian    Jan 4, 01:46 PM    #
  2. YAY! I was wondering what happened. One question, can the podcast go to MP3? I can’t use the current files on my MP3 player anymore, which is the primary way I listen. _ just asking.

    Felicia    Mar 11, 01:57 PM    #
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