Update Progress 3/16/06

13 December 2005

A refutation of Smith’s book “Atheism: The Case against God” has been started, to see the progress so far, see HERE.

Finally uploaded my latest response to Brian Holtz, which can be found HERE.

Just added an article to the Atheism section, which analyzes the claim that “extraordinary events require extraordinary evidence,” particularly in reference to the existence of God and the resurrection of Christ. See HERE.

Also just uploaded an extensive critique of atheist philosopher Doug Krueger’s book “What is atheism.” See HERE.

  1. graphics don’t work in internet explorer on a mac.

    — noelson    Mar 1, 04:57 AM    #
  2. thats because its incredibley outdated. Microsoft stopped making it years ago.

    — Steve    Mar 2, 09:20 PM    #
  3. why are you using ie on a mac? thats an insult.

    — brett    Mar 9, 07:32 AM    #
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