New Podcast Episode 19: God and Creation

16 March 2009

I almost forgot to mention…I finally got a new podcast episode up! This one continues on with the doctrine of God, this time looking at the doctrine of creation. There’s also lots of other good stuff in the episode, including a bunch of news items, a reader question about the Molinist view of sovereignty, and reviews of some books dealing with the Arminian/Calvinist debate.

Coming up, I’m hoping to round off the doctrine of God series with some truly controversial topics, discussing the Trinity and the Incarnation. Stay tuned!

Also, some listeners have noted that the switch to an enhanced podcast, which apparently requires M4a files, has caused some difficulty with their mp3 players. I’m trying to figure out a way to resolve this issue, because I want to make sure the podcast works for everyone. I might have to pull the enhanced features out. My other option is to create separate feeds for the ‘regular’ and ‘enhanced’ version of the podcast. This would be a slight pain, but if many of you actually enjoy/use the enhanced features of the show, I’d be more than willing to take the extra steps.

  1. What happened to:

    Luke    Apr 2, 05:05 PM    #
  2. Post both. The effort is not that big and you will open up the podcast to more people.

    larry    Apr 30, 01:45 PM    #
  3. Luke, those links have been reactivated. This site is a bit of a dinosaur and so many things are breaking…thankfully I have a redesign underway that will be ready for launch soon.


    I completely agree, and in fact I have been working on this behind the scenes for a while. I am happy to announce that Apple (finally) approved my new podcast feed, which can be found at

    In any case, I’ll make an announcement in the blog that this is now available.

    Kyle    Apr 30, 04:46 PM    #
  4. Dear everyone,
    I am seriously not sure why I am suddenly commenting even though I have not read this website for about 1year.
    Pls check out my blog which has a list that will glorify God.

    With love and thanks.

    E.H    Jan 20, 02:02 PM    #
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