New Material

29 November 2006

I have uploaded some new material recently. Over this last month I have read some of the most popular atheist literature which has come out in the last year or so. Richard Dawkins, the famous evolutionist and atheist, has released a best seller entitled The God Delusion, which is the new featured book review. Sam Harris has gained fame for his recent works The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation. In addition to this, I have continued reading C.S. Lewis, and I have a new book review on his book The Problem of Pain.

Also, I have decided to start consolidating some of my material on certain critics of Christianity. On the right column of the Refutation page, I have a drop-down menu which lists some of the most outspoken critics of Christianity. I have a biography of each critic, as well as links to responses to that person both on this site and around the web. For starters I have pages on Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and George H. Smith. I will be working on expanding this feature a great deal in the near future, adding material on all of these critics and adding a slew more, including guys like Michael Martin, Dan Barker, and Daniel Dennett. I want this site to become a one-stop place to find detailed responses to today’s most relevant non-Christians.

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