New Book Reviews

29 July 2008

I have 3 new book reviews uploaded; The Openness of God by William Hasker, John Sanders, Richard Rice, Clark Pinnock, and David Basinger, Divine Providence by Thomas Flint, and There is a God by Antony Flew.

I also added another feature on the home page. In the right hand column you can see a list of Digg stories that I have recently noticed. I tag stories purely on the basis of religious content, not on whether or not I endorse the opinion of the article. But hopefully this can help my readers stay on top of late-breaking news of interest to the thinking Christian.

On another note, I apologize for the dreaded spam that has infected this site. I am hoping to find a solution very soon to deal with this problem. For the time being, please bear with me. I will not delete any legitimate comments, and soon the spam should be cleared away, so don’t feel disinclined to comment on articles. Thank you for your patience.

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