More Podcasting (but not my own)

8 April 2008

I was a guest in yet another podcast- this one called the Reason Driven Podcast- which is hosted by Danny Schade and Mikyle Lockwood. Danny and I have dialogued on the Apologia podcast previously, but he asked me to appear on this show a while back. The podcast follows the book by Robert Price called The Reason Driven Life, a response to Pastor Rick Warren’s bestseller The Purpose Driven Life. I am reading through both of these books currently and you can expect some reviews in the library soon.

In any case, I really enjoyed participating in this show. I responded to chapter 21 of Price’s book during the interview, but we ended up discussing a variety of issues- hell, evangelism, arguments for God’s existence, evidence for Christ’s resurrection, and a host of other topics.

Check out the blog and listen to the show at Hopefully I will be able to get to producing my own podcast (fingers crossed)- which should be up sometime this week. All the best.

  1. Kyle,

    I thought you did a great job. You stated your personal positions resoundingly on doctrine vs. scripture. You can tell you have confidence in what you believe and you hold up well against what is mostly a contemptuous and cynical audience.

    harpoon    May 16, 02:52 PM    #
  2. Around thirty years ago I-began a little sojourn out of Satan into what ever was real & worth the effort & to that end I-started looking for a church that taught a complete ongoing & fully cyclical genuine study into everything Christ personally said during his time on earth as a physical inteligent human… Thirty years later I-still haven’t found one church willing to do that… I’ve asked many & asked with intense specific clarity & some claimed to but when I-looked deeper what they really meant was they only sometimes include his words as a form of balance mostly to back-up a thesis they were teaching that was from something taught by Paul…

    Any takers…?

    & Don’t try spinning me because I-really have seen\heard it all…

    Robby Daniel

    PS: If you know of ANY in any country please forward their address to me as I-would like to hear what opposition they came into & who it was from & how it was justified…

    Robby Daniel    Jun 23, 12:18 AM    #
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