Mailing List and New Material

9 August 2006

We have made a few changes around here recently. The top banner was changed and we have a new recommended article, book, and website on the right column. The biggest new feature is the Skeptical Mailing List- just enter your email address on the right to receive monthly apologetics email updates.

I am starting to expand my debate review series- for now I have a debate on the existence of God between William Lane Craig and Corey Washington (see Here). I have also started up a series on the Argument from Nonbelief.

In the Library, I have two new book reviews: The Kalam Cosmological Argument by William Lane Craig and Four Views on Salvation by a collaboration of authors.

Also, I have just completed a side project that I’ve been working on for a little bit. I constructed a web site for my friend Robbie and his new band, Iamthebranch. This is the same Robbie who gave a talk on “Thanksgiving” in the ACTS videos, and who also leads the worship band at the local college ministry that I attend. The site is located at, so when you get some free time, head on over there and listen to some good music.

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