Full Critique of Krueger's "What is Atheism?"

14 March 2006

Doug Krueger’s What is Atheism? is a brief outline and defense of atheism. I have reviewed this book HERE, but I now feel like I should offer a more extensive response to some of the claims and arguments found throughout Krueger’s book. I will separate my critique into chapters found in the book. At the end I will offer a conclusion of the book as well as a few recommended further sources for reading. (NOTE: Most of Chapter One I find non-controversial, and thus I offer no critique here.)

Chapter 2: How Can Atheists Have Morals?

Chapter 3: How Can Atheists Have Purpose to Their Lives?

Chapter 4: Doesn’t the Bible Show that God Exists?

Chapter 5: Don’t Reports of Miracles Prove that God Exists?

Chapter 6: Aren’t There Philosophical Proofs Which Demonstrate That God Exists?

Chapter 7: Wouldn’t Someone Have to Know Everything?

Chapter 8: What’s Wrong With Believing by Faith?



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