George H. Smith

28 November 2006

Who is George H. Smith?

George H. Smith is a libertarian author who writes on the topics of atheism and ethics. As far as I can tell, he has little or no academic credentials.

What Does He Have to Say?

Smith is strongly opposed to Christianity. Although his flagship book was subtitled “A Case against God,” it is clear from the book that he is particularly targeting the Christian conception of God. He endorses the idea that the concept of God and theology itself are unintelligible. Thus, to Smith, statements like “God exists” do not really have any meaningful content. This is a minority view even in atheistic circles and is extensively critiqued in my analysis of his book.

Main Responses

1. Full critique of Atheism: The Case Against God

2. Smith on the Problem of Evil

Book Reviews

1. Atheism: The Case against God

2. Why Atheism?

Other Responses

1. Brains and Eggs by J.P. Holding. Mostly a critique of Smith’s abuse of the Bible in Atheism: The Case against God.


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