Dan Barker

30 November 2006

Who is Dan Barker?

Dan Barker is a former preacher and Christian songwriter who converted to atheism in 1984. He wrote a book entitled Losing Faith in Faith, describing his apostasy and some of his reasons for rejecting Christianity.

Barker is currently the co-president of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, which supports atheism and the separation of church and state.

What Does He Have to Say?

Dan Barker devotes a large portion of his book to supposed Biblical contradictions and absurdities. He is also apparently a supporter of the Christ-myth thesis.

Main Responses

1. Dan Barker on the Cosmological Argument.

Book Reviews

1. Losing Faith in Faith.

Other Responses

1. Critique of Losing Faith in Faith by J.P. Holding.

2. The Ten Barks by J.P. Holding. A critique of Barker’s shallow analysis of the Ten Commandments.

3. Watch Your Beatitude by J.P. Holding. A brief critique of Barker’s analysis of the Beatitudes.

4. Barker’s Blunders by David Wood. An analysis of Dan Barker’s critique of the resurrection.

5. A Swift Response to Dan Barker’s Cosmological Calamity by Shandon Guthrie.


  1. I have posted some responses to Dan Barker at “Dan Barker’s Assertions,” link provided in the space provided when commenting.



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