The Son Rises

24 February 2006

In The Son Rises, William Lane Craig provides a brief but effective overview for the historical case for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As Craig rightly points out, the resurrection is the foundation of the entire Christian faith.

Craig essentially breaks the case into three distinct sections. First, he discusses the evidence for the empty tomb, second, the evidence for Christ’s post-crucifixion appearances, and third, the evidence from the origin of the Christian faith. Additionally, one chapter is devoted to refuting alternative theories, including the “swoon” theory and wrong tomb theory. Craig’s argumentation is very solid throughout. Although his writings are often very technical, most of the arguments in The Son Rises are easy enough to understand.

In addition to the meat of his argument, Craig also discusses a few peripheral issues. In the opening chapter, which I found very enjoyable, he discusses the dilemma of modern man and his struggle to find a meaning to existence. In the final chapter, Craig explains the consequences of Christ’s resurrection, claiming that it can help us find that meaning. He discusses the importance of Christianity and appeals to the reader to accept Christ and transform their lives.

The Son Rises is a brief treatment of an important topic. However, Craig hardly sacrifices much in his attempt to keep the book accessible to the general layman. I do wish that alternative theories would have been discussed in greater detail, but in general, Craig’s treatment here is a very valuable resource for almost anyone.


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