Simply Christian

8 August 2007

N.T. Wright, known for his scholarly work on the historical Jesus, writes for a more general audience in his book Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense.

Wright begins the book by discussing four ‘signposts’ of the divine; our desire for justice, our quest for spirituality, our need of relationships, and our apprehension of beauty. According to Wright, while such things do not necessarily point us to the Christian God, they do compel us to look beyond the purely physical universe to something deeper.

He then proceeds to go through the basic Christian story, from the beginning of the Old Testament to the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. He goes on to discuss the practical implication of this story for our lives, including an explanation of the relevance and importance of Christian disciplines such as worship, prayer, and Biblical reading.

One of Wright’s main themes is to explain that, according to the Christian worldview, heaven and earth interlock. This is opposed to pantheism, where God and the universe are one, and Deism, where God is separated from, or at least not much interested in, the world. Wright points out that the beauty of living the Christian life is the ability to live where heaven and earth collide. Christians are not merely those who believe an abstract set of theological truths, they are people who are striving, individually and collectively, to live as a part of God’s new creation-

“We are called to be part of God’s new creation, called to be agents of that new creation here and now. We are called to model and display that new creation in symphonies and family life, in restorative justice and poetry, in holiness and service to the poor, in politics and painting.” [236]

Simply Christian is an extremely accessible and readable book that will come as a breath of fresh air for many.


  1. I read this book last year and wasn’t entirely thrilled by it. To me, it didn’t flow very well and didn’t seem that well written. Most of the information wasn’t anything really new or groundbreaking, kind of the same old thing. There are some good points in it but overall not one of my favorites.

    — Kyle Taylor    Oct 29, 02:23 PM    #
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