Resurrected? An Atheist and Theist Dialogue

19 June 2007

In May 2004, John Ankerberg hosted a discussion between Christian theist Gary Habermas and atheist philosopher Antony Flew concerning the evidence for Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Resurrected? contains this dialogue, as well as a follow-up Q&A session and brief summary articles from the three authors.

Unfortunately, I felt that this book suffered from several flaws. I was expecting more of a debate, and I was disappointed with several facets of the discussion. First of all, Flew didn’t do a good job responding to Habermas or making a strong case for his disbelief in the resurrection. At many times it is simply astounding the amount that Flew is willing to concede without argument. He essentially concedes the entire case to Habermas and chooses to reject the idea of a resurrection because of its miraculous nature.

Second of all, the debate wasn’t really all that fair. To give Flew some credit, he really had to debate two people. Ankerberg, who was supposed to be a moderator (apparently?) was very involved in the discussion and was extremely biased in favor of Habermas. I just didn’t think it was fair for Flew to be forced to address two debate opponents, and this flaw led to an even further lopsided discussion.

Finally, the book is too short to develop substantive content. Habermas does seem to make a strong case, but he is rarely challenged and so the discussion doesn’t really develop past surface level.

Unfortunately, Resurrected suffers from too many shortcomings to be of much use. If you are looking for a good debate on the resurrection of Jesus Christ, you must look elsewhere.


  1. “you must look elsewhere.”

    And where, might I ask?

    Nathan Smart    Jun 27, 03:29 AM    #
  2. Nathan,

    I would recommend the debate between William Lane Craig and Gerd Ludemann. The book is “Jesus’ Resurrection: Fact or Figment?” This debate is much better because it is structured and there is quite a bit more actual conflict between the debaters. Also, there are several contributors who write essays analyzing the debate. The book is also reviewed on this site, if you are interested.

    Kyle Deming    Jun 29, 07:06 AM    #
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