Reason and Religious Belief

10 October 2007

Although many people aren’t aware of it, the philosophy of religion is an extremely deep and quite active area of philosophy. It covers a broad scope of issues, including argument for and against the existence of God, the structure of epistemology (what we know and how we know it), the nature of human persons, and the afterlife. Great philosophers, both religious and non-religious, have weighed in on these and a multitude of other topics, and the field is currently very active with fresh debate and discussion. Reason and Religious Belief offer a broad look at these and other topics within the philosophy of religion. Even though all the authors are theists, the book takes a relatively fair and unbiased look at these issues.

Although some Eastern ideas are occasionally mentioned, this book primarily covers the issues from a Western philosophy point of view. More particularly, the book mostly deals with issues raised by the three great monotheistic traditions- Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

If you are interested in the philosophy of religion from a primarily Western perspective, Reason and Religious Belief offers a great introduction to most of the major issues being discussed today. The book is extremely relevant, addressing the issues raised by contemporary thinkers in the field. This book will certainly help you gain an understanding of the important issues being discussed today in the philosophical community.


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