Passionate Conviction

30 November 2007

Passionate Conviction is a compilation of essays given at the annual apologetics conference of the Evangelical Philosophical Society. These conferences aim to instruct laypersons about evangelical scholarship, and they feature the brightest minds of the evangelical scholarly community- authors such as N.T. Wright, J.P. Moreland, and Michael Murray.

The book is separated into the following 6 main categories;

-Why Apologetics?
-Comparative Religions
-Postmodernism and Relativism
-Practical Application

Although many of the essays were well-written, Passionate Conviction lacked many important topics. For example, there is no consideration of the Problem of Evil, even though this is generally considered to be the most powerful argument against Christianity. The other problem with the book is that many of the essays seemed to be surface level treatments. I was excited to see some essays concerning eastern religions like Buddhism, but I was disappointed with the depth of the content.

The main problem with the book is its lack of coherency. It feels like a hodge-podge of essays just gathered together. Although there is some value in Passionate Conviction, I think there are much better books out there if you are looking for an introduction to Christianity and apologetics.


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