Know Why You Believe

25 December 2005

Paul Littleā€™s book, Know Why You Believe, was one of the first apologetics books I picked up. Naturally, I liked it a lot and I still think that it is a valuable work and a great contribution to beginner apologetics.

Nowhere do I wish to leave the impression that this book is an advanced work. It covers a large scope of topics, and therefore it does not comment on any one area very heavily. However, Know Why You Believe is a great introduction to the many issues surrounding the Christian Faith.

As such, I believe that this book is useful for two purposes. Firstly, it is useful as an introduction to beginning apologists or those Christians who would like to learn about apologetics. Secondly, this work is ideal for searching unbelievers who would like to consider Christianity.

Some of the chapters include topics such as the existence of God, the resurrection of Christ, and the reliability of the Bible. Obviously, whole books can and have been written about each of these topics, and perhaps the most disappointing aspect of this book is that it does not provide books for suggested further reading. Yet each chapter provides enough information to satisfy the majority of readers.

Once again, this book is highly recommended for casual apologists and sincere seekers.


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