The Holiness of God

25 December 2005

In The Holiness of God, R.C. Sproul, a well-known theologian, offers a fulfilling and informing discussion of God’s holiness. By examining some biblical stories in greater detail, Sproul reveals the nature of God’s holiness in an amazing way that makes you ponder your own place in the universe.

Sproul argues, I think correctly, that very few people understand God’s holiness. In fact, most probably do not have a very good grasp of the concept of holiness itself. Sproul tries to clear this up by offering a definition of holiness, and examining several biblical stories in light of that definition.

In one chapter, Sproul discusses several “hard” biblical passages and stories. These are stories that some people have a hard time explaining in light of God’s love. Sproul, however, explains them in light of God’s holiness. He argues that the judgments we see in the Bible are justified- it is actually the fact that God does not punish all of us more often that is surprising.

Due to Sproul’s calvinist leanings, there are a few things that I found disagreement with. For example, I disagree with his stance that God chooses who will receive salvation. But considering our differing doctrinal stances, I was actually impressed how little I found to disagree with. The Holiness of God is accessible to almost any Christian.

Sproul’s discussion of holiness, quite appropriately, left me very humble. Yet, it also allowed me to reflect on the majesty of God. The Holiness of God is recommended for all Christians.


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