The ACTS Videos

22 March 2006

At my local church Hopevale, I am a member of the “Creative Arts Team.” A few other guys and I create movies and graphics to supplement our college ministry, Encounter. This series of videos was our first major project. They are called the ACTS videos, standing for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. Although these videos are not related to apologetics, they do contain good messages for living in a Christ-honoring way. The four people who gave messages in these videos are outstanding Christians who are well-worth listening to.


  1. kyle.

    i forgot how good these were. really good job. do you have hard copies of these that I could have? you’re a peach.

    mikey    Nov 27, 11:28 AM    #
  2. Mikey, just put your cursor over the title of the movie you want, and then click whatever mouse button you use to get your context menu. Then highlight “Save target as…”. The movie will then be written to your hard drive.

    — Jamie    Apr 15, 03:34 PM    #
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