The notion that Christianity is based on a “leap of faith” rather than an intellectual commitment of mind and soul to God is widespread in today’s culture. At The Skeptical Christian, this mistake is addressed head on. Christianity is *not* a worldview for the weak-minded and it is *not* based on a blind leap of faith.

The Skeptical Christian was designed with discussion in mind. Any article on this site can be commented on, and any suggestions, critiques, or alternative perspectives on any of the writings are welcomed and encouraged.

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Web Log

20. Resurrection and Miracles

…issues involved in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This includes a discussion of Hume’ … look at Richard Swinburne’s book “Was Jesus God?” See the full transcript …
http://www.skepticalchristian.com/20-resurrection-and-miracles · 12 April 2009

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

…In Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?, William Lane Craig, a … liberal scholars and an influential member of the Jesus Seminar. Craig essentially makes two claims … the debate; (1) There is evidence that the real Jesus of history actually rose from the dead and (2) If … Jesus did not really rise, Christianity is a false … 8217;s views. Although the topic of Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up seems promising, the debate never …
http://www.skepticalchristian.com/br_jesusstandup.htm · 30 January 2006

Jesus Under Fire

…contributions from eight conservative authors, Jesus Under Fire functions as a response to the liberal … interpretation of the life and work of Jesus Christ offered by the Jesus Seminar. The Jesus … 200 scholars who have argued that the historical Jesus did not do or say the majority of things recorded … teaching or deed of Christ being authentic. In Jesus Under Fire, a group of conservative scholars … responds to the claims of the Jesus Seminar and tries to establish that the Orthodox …
http://www.skepticalchristian.com/br_jesusunderfire.htm · 5 June 2008

The Historical Jesus

…In The Historical Jesus, Gary Habermas sets out to discover who Jesus … surprising that he comes to the conclusion that Jesus was the son of God, but the evidence he uses to … history of the “quest for the historical Jesus”. Habermas mentions the works of Bultmann, … for anybody who enjoys history. Obviously, Jesus must first be known to exist in order for … scholars have proposed and defended the idea that Jesus Christ did not exist as an historical personage. …
http://www.skepticalchristian.com/br_historicaljesus.htm · 25 December 2005

Jesus' Resurrection

…Craig and Gerd Ludemann debate the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection. Craig argues that an actual … ;four established facts,” which include: 1. Jesus’ honorable burial in a tomb. 2. Discovery … of Jesus’ empty tomb by a group of women followers. … 3. Experiences of Jesus alive from the dead. 4. A sudden belief of the … original disciples that Jesus was risen from the dead. These facts, confirmed …
http://www.skepticalchristian.com/br_jesusresurrection.htm · 1 February 2006

Fabricating Jesus

…There are lots of silly ideas about Jesus going around these days. While fringe scholars … can actually get a hearing. Ludicrous ideas about Jesus Christ are promoted all over the Internet, and … of thousands. In his new book “Fabricating Jesus”, Craig Evans turns a critical eye towards these … follows from unreasonable assumptions that Jesus’ contemporaries were incapable or uninterested in … accurately recalling the words and deeds of Jesus Christ. Misguided skepticism also follows from …
http://www.skepticalchristian.com/br_fabricatingjesus.htm · 6 August 2008

The Impossible Faith

…Unless, of course, there was a resurrection, and Jesus reversed the stigma of shame by rising from the … the idea that the disciples hallucinated Jesus, the theory that Jesus never died on the cross, … and the possibility of thieves taking Jesus’ body. My only complaint with this book is …
http://www.skepticalchristian.com/br_impossiblefaith.htm · 14 August 2007

The Case for Christ

…Testament documents, extrabiblical references of Jesus, Jesus’ perceived self-identity, and … evidences- the identity and resurrection of Jesus. ——————— …
http://www.skepticalchristian.com/br_caseforchrist.htm · 11 April 2006

Debate Reviews

…, both online transcripts and book format. Jesus’ Resurrection 1. Debate between William …
http://www.skepticalchristian.com/debatereviews.htm · 18 June 2006

17. Doctrine of God - God and Time

…For the book review, I take a look at Fabricating Jesus by Craig Evans. See the full transcript …
http://www.skepticalchristian.com/17-doctrine-of-god-god-and-time · 6 August 2008