The notion that Christianity is based on a “leap of faith” rather than an intellectual commitment of mind and soul to God is widespread in today’s culture. At The Skeptical Christian, this mistake is addressed head on. Christianity is *not* a worldview for the weak-minded and it is *not* based on a blind leap of faith.

The Skeptical Christian was designed with discussion in mind. Any article on this site can be commented on, and any suggestions, critiques, or alternative perspectives on any of the writings are welcomed and encouraged.

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Web Log

Reasons to Believe Podcast

…and pastor Hugh Ross, now offers a weekly “Creation Update” podcast. This two hour show usually … to Christianity, particularly from an old-earth creation model. Their main focus is on cosmology, … evolution, and critique of the young-earth creation model. Despite a number of members, there is very … , even if one does not embrace their particular creation model. —————— …
http://www.skepticalchristian.com/pr_reasonstobelieve.htm · 30 September 2006

Three Views on Creation and Evolution

…In Three Views on Creation and Evolution, several Christian thinkers defend … with regards to Genesis and God’s method of creation. Paul Nelson and John Mark Reynolds support Young … -Earth Creation, which argues that the account in Genesis should … ;days’ actual twenty-four hour periods of creation six to ten thousand years ago. Robert Newman … defends the Progressive Creation view, which contends that the universe and the …
http://www.skepticalchristian.com/br_threeviewsoncreationandevolution.htm · 17 April 2006

Simply Christian

…, to live as a part of God’s new creation- “We are called to be part of God’s … new creation, called to be agents of that new creation here and now. We are called to model and display … that new creation in symphonies and family life, in restorative …
http://www.skepticalchristian.com/br_simplychristian.htm · 8 August 2007

19. Doctrine of God - God and Creation

http://www.skepticalchristian.com/19-doctrine-of-god-god-and-creation · 2 March 2009

Time and Eternity

…without the universe, is in time since the creation of the universe. This detailed study encompasses … for an infinite amount of time prior to the creation of the universe, then why did He wait so long to … concludes that God, though in time since the creation of the universe, is timeless without the universe …
http://www.skepticalchristian.com/br_timeandeternity.htm · 29 November 2007

God and Time: Four Views

…Craig argues that God exists in time since the creation of the universe but timelessly without the … about God’s nature ‘before’ the creation of the universe. God and Time: Four Views is an …
http://www.skepticalchristian.com/br_godandtimefourviews.htm · 17 October 2007

The Problem of Pain

…is in fact a result of free will, not an original creation of God. And suffering continues to result due to …
http://www.skepticalchristian.com/br_problemofpain.htm · 27 November 2006

John Mackie's Response to the Cosmological Argument

…one may conjure up with regards to God’s creation of the universe will apply to the hypothesis of … It still seems that, like it or not, God’s creation of the universe is the most plausible and … , and fails to take into account that, while Creation ex nihilo may be difficult to conceive, a sheer … origination has all the problems Creation has, as well as additional absurdities (namely, …
http://www.skepticalchristian.com/r_mackiecosmo.htm · 29 March 2006

Theism, Atheism, and Big Bang Cosmology

…of the universe is incompatible with divine creation, since God would want to ensure a life-permitting …
http://www.skepticalchristian.com/br_atheismtheismandbigbangcosmology.htm · 26 February 2006

Chapter 6: God's Existence

…because the specific case of the universe’s creation requires a personal entity, as shown above in the … assume that only one God is responsible for the creation of the universe. But, even if this were not the … suppose that the causal chain leading up to the creation of the universe could have always been going. If … Though physicists speak of this as particle pair creation and annihilation, such terms are philosophically …
http://www.skepticalchristian.com/ct_krueger6.htm · 15 March 2006