The notion that Christianity is based on a “leap of faith” rather than an intellectual commitment of mind and soul to God is widespread in today’s culture. At The Skeptical Christian, this mistake is addressed head on. Christianity is *not* a worldview for the weak-minded and it is *not* based on a blind leap of faith.

The Skeptical Christian was designed with discussion in mind. Any article on this site can be commented on, and any suggestions, critiques, or alternative perspectives on any of the writings are welcomed and encouraged.

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Web Log

New Article on Michael Martin

3 January 2007

I have a new article responding to a piece on the Secular Web by Michael Martin. Martin’s article is called The Gap in Theistic Arguments. In the article he tries to show that all theistic arguments (such as the Cosmological Argument or the Argument from the Resurrection of Jesus Christ) have a hole in them because they don’t actually establish theism. In my response I try to show that Martin fails to define “theism” correctly and fails to take other factors into consideration.

The Evolution of Belief?

2 December 2006

I recently uploaded a new article called The Evolution of Belief? in which I analyze claims from people like Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett about the evolutionary origin of religion. In the article I also analyze what I call The Argument from the Prevalence of Religion. According to this argument, the fact that almost everybody has believed in God is evidence that God Himself designed us with a propensity to believe.

I also have a new book review of A Grief Observed by C.S. Lewis. Plus, I am expanding my Critics of Christianity feature; new additions are Dan Barker and Michael Martin.

New Material

29 November 2006

I have uploaded some new material recently. Over this last month I have read some of the most popular atheist literature which has come out in the last year or so. Richard Dawkins, the famous evolutionist and atheist, has released a best seller entitled The God Delusion, which is the new featured book review. Sam Harris has gained fame for his recent works The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation. In addition to this, I have continued reading C.S. Lewis, and I have a new book review on his book The Problem of Pain.

Also, I have decided to start consolidating some of my material on certain critics of Christianity. On the right column of the Refutation page, I have a drop-down menu which lists some of the most outspoken critics of Christianity. I have a biography of each critic, as well as links to responses to that person both on this site and around the web. For starters I have pages on Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and George H. Smith. I will be working on expanding this feature a great deal in the near future, adding material on all of these critics and adding a slew more, including guys like Michael Martin, Dan Barker, and Daniel Dennett. I want this site to become a one-stop place to find detailed responses to today’s most relevant non-Christians.

Podcast Reviews and C.S. Lewis

2 November 2006

I started up another series recently, where I review podcasts that are relevant to Christianity and apologetics. The podcasts up so far are:

I also have two new book reviews, both by C.S. Lewis:

Mailing List and New Material

9 August 2006

We have made a few changes around here recently. The top banner was changed and we have a new recommended article, book, and website on the right column. The biggest new feature is the Skeptical Mailing List- just enter your email address on the right to receive monthly apologetics email updates.

I am starting to expand my debate review series- for now I have a debate on the existence of God between William Lane Craig and Corey Washington (see Here). I have also started up a series on the Argument from Nonbelief.

In the Library, I have two new book reviews: The Kalam Cosmological Argument by William Lane Craig and Four Views on Salvation by a collaboration of authors.

Also, I have just completed a side project that I’ve been working on for a little bit. I constructed a web site for my friend Robbie and his new band, Iamthebranch. This is the same Robbie who gave a talk on “Thanksgiving” in the ACTS videos, and who also leads the worship band at the local college ministry that I attend. The site is located at iamthebranch.com, so when you get some free time, head on over there and listen to some good music.

Debate: Continued

18 June 2006

I wrote a review of the Craig/Ehrman debate Here. It is part of a new series that I am starting in which I will write reviews of debates both online and in print.

William Lane Craig Debates Bart Ehrman

10 June 2006

A new debate transcript is now available, and it is making quite a splash on the Internet. It is a debate on the Resurrection of Christ between Craig and Ehrman, and it can be found here.

I might write a brief commentary on the debate in the near future.

New Material

17 April 2006

I have 4 new book reviews.

Three Views on Creation and Evolution (Paul Nelson, John Mark Reynolds, Robert Newman, and Howard Van Til)

Four Views on Hell (John Walvoord, William Crockett, Zachary Hayes, and Clark Pinnock)

The Case for Faith (Lee Strobel)

Darwin’s Black Box (Michael Behe)

Some New Book Reviews

11 April 2006

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading lately, and for right now I have 3 new book reviews available. I should have 3 more up in a couple of days. What I have so far:

Does God Exist? (Debate between William Craig and Antony Flew)

The Case for Christ (Lee Strobel)

What About Those Who Have Never Heard? (John Sanders, Ronald Nash, and Gabriel Fackre)

I also happened upon a little flash animation game called “Dembski’s Dozer,” inspired by the Intelligent Design Movement. It is absolutely hilarious. Check it out Here.

A New Section and Misc.

4 April 2006

Alright, well I have decided to release my series on the Problem of Evil even though it is very incomplete. I am currently working on two more articles to add to this series. For now, what’s new is a critique of George H. Smith’s response to the PofE Here. This supplements my now complete response to Smith’s book Atheism: The Case against God, located Here. New for this update is my response to the first chapter of the book, as well as a conclusion, complete with recommended further reading.

I also have a brief book review for God and Design Here.

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