The notion that Christianity is based on a “leap of faith” rather than an intellectual commitment of mind and soul to God is widespread in today’s culture. At The Skeptical Christian, this mistake is addressed head on. Christianity is *not* a worldview for the weak-minded and it is *not* based on a blind leap of faith.

The Skeptical Christian was designed with discussion in mind. Any article on this site can be commented on, and any suggestions, critiques, or alternative perspectives on any of the writings are welcomed and encouraged.

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Web Log

Richard Dawkins Parody

15 July 2007

I came across a hilarious parody of Richard Dawkins. Very funny, especially if you are familiar with Dawkins and his usual arguments.

Pope Benedict: Catholic Church Only True Church?

Pope Benedict has recently released a statement which is causing quite a stir in the Christian community. See the news story here.

According to the article, the Pope released a document reaffirming his position that Protestant churches are only ecclesial communities that do not have the means of salvation.

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New Podcast Episode

10 July 2007

Got podcast episode #7 posted finally, after a few setbacks. This one is a critique of Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion. Check out the podcast page to download the episode or subscribe to the podcast by clicking the link on the right column. Enjoy!

Site Updates

19 June 2007

There is quite a bit going on behind the scenes here, but for now I have a new book review for Resurrected? An Atheist and Theist Dialogue by Gary Habermas and Antony Flew.

I haven’t yet mentioned the last two podcasts; episode 5 covered the Argument from Nonbelief and episode 6 discussed the Teleological Argument. The first podcast for June should be coming up very soon.

Richard Dawkins and Victor Stenger

14 May 2007

I recently wrote a piece on one of Richard Dawkins’ primary arguments found in his book The God Delusion. I originally wanted to do a full critique of this book, but I don’t think that the book has enough substantive content, so I will probably just write a series of brief articles where I address Dawkins’ most important points.

I also just finished reading Victor Stenger’s new book, God: The Failed Hypothesis. Check the link for a review. Hopefully I will write up a thorough critique of Stenger in the next couple of weeks.

Site Updates

20 April 2007

A while ago (mid-March) I uploaded two articles on ethics, one concerning birth control and the other about embryonic stem cell research.

We also have two new podcast episodes. Episode 3 is about the “God-of-the-Gaps” objection, and Episode 4, uploaded yesterday, addresses the question ‘do extraordinary events require extraordinary evidence.’ I have also been adding full transcripts of the podcasts along with links and references for documentation and further research. Enjoy!

The Skeptical Christian Podcast

6 March 2007

I haven’t really advertised it much yet, but I have started a podcast associated with this site. There are currently two episodes; the first covers the importance of apologetics and the meaning of faith, and the second covers the cosmological argument. Click the podcast page in the main navigation to see a list of the episodes. If you have questions that you would like to have addressed in the podcast, please email them to me or post a comment on the podcast page. I would also be grateful for any feedback you have on the show. Thanks!

The Case for a Creator

31 January 2007

A book review for Lee Strobel’s The Case for a Creator has been posted in the library.

There is also a new feature here at the Skeptical Christian- check out the Digg Profile. This is a place where I will keep track of stories and videos that deal with Christianity, religion, and other important issues. These stories are not necessarily endorsed- they are only provided so that you can keep up to date on the most recent news. I will be commenting on the most interesting articles here on the site.

Steven Pinker on Consciousness

In a recent article in Time Magazine, also posted on the Internet and becoming a front page news story at Digg.com, Steven Pinker argues that consciousness is merely activity in the brain. In the article, Pinker denies the existence of a soul and the possibility of an afterlife. However, Pinker’s case is remarkably weak once analyzed with a marginal degree of philosophical rigor.

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Book Review

14 January 2007

A new book review of The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis has just been posted in the library.

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