6. The Teleological Argument

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One of the best and most discussed arguments for God’s existence is the Teleological Argument from the fine-tuning of the fundamental constants of the universe. This episode takes a detailed look at this argument, and answers a slew of objections, including the controversial multi-verse hypothesis according to which the cosmos is composed of many universes. This episode also has a brief book review of God and Design, edited by Neil Manson.

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  1. Could you also add an RSS feed to your podcast? Those of us who don’t use iTunes would also like to keep track of your new podcasts.

    — psiborg    Jun 20, 05:34 AM    #
  2. Just a word of encouragement saying that I loved this episode, I’m not a physicist (or even mathematically inclined) so I’m not going to be the most critical listener, but anything to help break the veil around people’s eyes about God is surly a good thing. Keep it up, I’ll be one intent listener.

    Richard    Jun 22, 03:20 AM    #
  3. Has John Horton Conway proven that an actual infinite can exist in the real world? (Derived from: http://www.infidels.org/library/modern/graham_oppy/t_finite.html )

    — Parvinder    Jun 26, 03:33 PM    #
  4. Loved this message – explained a lot and I wanted to encourage you to keep producing such informative podcasts!

    Rob    Jul 8, 05:22 PM    #
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