4. Extraordinary Evidence

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A common challenge to the Christian faith is that it requires extraordinary beliefs, including belief in God and belief in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. What sort of evidence should be required for these types of extraordinary beliefs? In this episode I analyze the claim that “extraordinary beliefs require extraordinary evidence” and apply this analysis to God’s existence and Christ’s resurrection. There are also book reviews of Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig and Does God Exist by J.P. Moreland and Kai Nielsen.

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  1. Hey, Kyle.

    I liked this podcast particularly. Interesting subjects.

    Have you ever considered reading and reviewing a debate on God’s existence called “Atheism and Theism” by J.J.C. Smart and John Haldane (2nd edition) ?

    — Øystein    Apr 21, 02:59 AM    #
  2. This is an audience question: Is it possible to reconcile atom decay with the first premis of the kalam argument?

    — Parvinder    May 4, 02:19 PM    #
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