18. Doctrine of God - God and Foreknowledge

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Continuing with my ‘doctrine of God’ series, I look at the question of what God knows. I analyze and critique three competing views of God’s foreknowledge; Thomism, Molinism, and Open Theism. This issue is particularly important because open theism is a relatively new perspective that has garnered a lot of attention and a great deal of criticism. For the book reviews, I take a look at Divine Providence by Thomas Flint and The Openness of God by Clark Pinnock, David Basinger, John Sanders, Richard Rice, and William Hasker. For the audience question I discuss the toughest intellectual challenge to Christianity.

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  1. Thanks for another interesting podcast. As usual, for me, an atheist, it seems like a huge effort to prop-up your worldview instead of accepting reality.
    In summary I understood that either God has limited foreknowledge (which is supported and goes against bible teachings at the same time) or the world is a giant setup (which makes for dubious divine morality). Are any of these answers satisfying for you?

    — Richard    Oct 1, 04:46 AM    #
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